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VPS hosting

The VPS hosting is perfect for those who need to install software on the server or do some more advanced configuration that are not allowed in a shared hosting. In addition, VPS hosting offers greater performance and more security for the site. VPS hosting is the second most popular type of web hosting. It offers a lot of advantages over shared hosting, but it comes at a higher price. In VPS hosting you have full control of the server, and can even install the operating system. It has many similarities to the dedicated hosting, mainly because it also allows to make modifications and advanced configurations, this because it also allows to access the system like administrator.

About VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server, is partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual servers, where root (administrator) access is possible. Each of these virtual servers works independently, so that its resources are reserved and one can not use the resources of the other server. Each of these virtual machines functions as a real server through virtualization technique. Its processing capacity is far superior to a shared hosting, however, it is lower than that of a dedicated one. As in VPS it is a physical server that is "transformed" into several virtual servers, the price turns out to be more in consideration than the dedicated one.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

Unlike shared hosting, your features are not shared among clients, making the service more secure and reliable. Server resources can be used to the max without affecting other servers. In VPS hosting you can choose the OS (Operating System), install custom software, among other customizations. Its similarity to dedicated server is very large, despite this, the price is usually more in account. The scalability of the system can also be a great differential.

For whom it is indicated

It is suitable for sites or blogs with large numbers of visitors, companies with specific needs, small and medium-sized virtual stores and systems that are not supported by shared hosting. It is also a great alternative for those who own a site or blog with few visitors, but who wish to have total control over the server. Shared hosting has several limitations, which may prevent the proper functioning of a website. Some shared services limit the minimum cron interval and prevent systems that use the processor continuously (uninterrupted). For this reason many people resort to a VPS WordPress hosting.

Final considerations

VPS hosting is an excellent alternative for those who want to have total control of the server, just like in a dedicated hosting. In addition to allowing this greater control over the server, it provides better performance and security because the server is used by only one client. VPS hosting is also indicated for cases where the client needs to install some software on the server and needs to do some special configuration, which is not allowed in shared hosting. Although it is much cheaper than dedicated hosting, the VPS hosting is a bit high value. Normally, those who use this type of hosting can not give up those resources. Dedicated hosting and cloud are alternatives to VPS, but much more expensive.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is not as popular as shared hosting, but it is still widely used. This type of hosting is widely used by large portals and businesses that require servers with specific applications. The price may not be very attractive, but the dedicated hosting offers a number of advantages. In this article learn all about the dedicated hosting and its benefits. Dedicated hosting or dedicated server is indicated when shared hosting does not support the number of hits to the site. This is why it is recommended for large portals and sites that have a high volume of traffic. It is also widely used when a client has specific needs and needs root access (access as Administrator) to the server - which is not allowed on shared servers. Despite its popularity among large websites, maintaining a dedicated server is expensive and requires a qualified professional to administer it. Due to its complexity, maintenance should be performed by qualified professionals.

About Dedicated Hosting

Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting allows you to have a server only for your site (s). The advantages are huge, in addition to increased security, there is the performance issue - which is superior because the server is being used by only one client, or in this case, you! While in shared hosting the processor, memory and other resources are shared among all the clients. In dedicated only you use these server features. As you read earlier, the advantages are enormous. But in addition to this, dedicated hosting allows you to make a series of settings and optimizations. Since you have administrator access to the server it is possible to make the modification that you like, how to install new.

What is a Data Center?

A data center is a place designed exclusively to house servers and other equipment necessary for the operation of a data center . They usually have a large infrastructure and meet international standards. The data center is an essential part for the operation of web applications and data storage.  All service, application or site, that works based on the Internet, you need a data center to keep online. The data center has a large network infrastructure , usually with at least two internet providers and high-speed links. Its infrastructure is designed to provide physical and logical security, in order to ensure that the service is not interrupted in the event of network failures, natural disasters or human intervention. The data center must meet international standards to ensure a better quality service with the lowest number of possible failures. The world of technology, as well as elsewhere, is prone to failure but a data center needs to be structured to ensure that the service continues running even in the event of a failure. They are therefore used, for example, redundant links, alternate energy source and mirrored disks. There are a number of measures that can be taken to prevent the service is stopped due to a fault. A very important measure to prevent service outages is monitoring in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which should be done by a professional with expertise. This also allows you to identify and correct problems quickly with the least interference possible in the service.

The importance of a Data Center

The data center is a key player in the service of web hosting, you can not simply connect to some servers on the Internet and find that set up a company website hosting. All this infrastructure is required in a data center so that it can offer a service with the least possible disruption. A large network of shops, a bank, or even your site can not be offlines long as this would cause a lot ofdamage. If there is an interruption in service, sites and applications hosted on it will not function properly and this is extremely detrimental to your business. No one wants to create a website for him to spend several hours a day out of the air. Everyone wants to work as long as possible, why it is so important to choose a better hosting. When hiring a web hosting company pay attention to quality, so your site will be online most of the time and you will not have a headache. A website hosting quality owning a data center with the latest technology, thus ensuring a better rate of availability.

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